About Our Business

Based in the Bay Area in California since 2005 , we supply one of the best quality feather products in this
market place

We are a one stop online shopping place for decorative feathers, costumes feathers
, craft feathers and
feather novelties.

We supply peacock feathers, ostrich feathers, pheasants feathers, coq feathers , turkey and marabou
feathers, duck and goose feathers, roosters feathers, guinea feathers
and other exotic feathers too.

Our feather products include feather trims and fringes, feather boas, feather fans, decorative feathers,
craft feathers, feather masks and feather novelties such as earrings, garments and hair pieces

Our Business Philosophy

- Quality Products
From the purchase of feathers,  incoming quality control, work process monitoring and
final quality assurance, we deploy the best practices accumulated over the years

Competitive Prices
Our prices are competitive and considering the high quality of our products

Customer Satisfaction
We strive to keep inventory for fast deliveries, fast response time
and having a low rate of returns over the years

We usually ship our orders within the next business day  and our return policy is straight forward

Product Improvements
Improving our products based on customers' feedback and continuous new products introduction
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